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Get handicrafted Buon Giorno Luamada debut, our 002, write us:

Download PD‘s new mix for Friendship Bracelet!


Beatless or Beatles?

Primary 1 beatless mix for DUMMY mag including new view on track of Weekend (you can download it, click the pic):

On Neu Mag:

Too Cool To Die:

New Buon Giorno Luamada’s tune on Friendship Bracelet collection!

“Shoni”, a new tune of Buon Giorno Luamada on Friedship Bracelet Club vol. 3! Download the entire collection here, for free:

Album Release: Buon Giorno Luamada

*cover by Bruno Dicolla –


01-Le sourire du venus contre la fureur du poseidon
02-New Wave
07-Wrrrong Summer
08-Mary Ann
09-Buenos Aires

Press (read about the music):

Friendship Bracelet

Cows Are Just Food

Don’t Die Wondering


Buon Giorno Luamada — — is Igor Andrade, a 21 years-old cinema student from Rio de Janeiro. Igor stayed a long time at home recording cassetes under the name of mini cassete recorder before connect material to create what he puts out now with Perdizes Dream. Buon Giorno Luamada, the project and the record, is available now online and on limited number of handicrafted CDRs.

Hear now Buon Giorno Luamada debut album (brazilian users can get the album at TramaVirtual too):

To order/ buy the handicrafted CDr, just send us an e-mail to putting “i want a CD” in the subject line. You need just a paypal account to make the transaction.

Blogs dig Buon Giorno Luamada. Download songs now!

Friendship Bracelet (click to read the full + download Cartographie)

Julian Lynch is appropriately found in Buon Giorno Luamada’s Top Myspace Friends, appropriate cos the first song there is “Cartographie,” a lazily swirling gem whose pace and overall production values very much so resemble the “Basement Jam” track Julian got me for the last FBC compilation. Pulsating n humming. Way perfect autumn clouds music.”

Cows Are Just Food (click to read the full + download YKCOWREBBAJ)

occasionally it bums you out for a few minutes with the found sound atonal hush lastbest heard on mogwai’s come on die young. and sometimes wanders into creaky david (rather then julian) lynch soundscape territory. and randomly batters a cheap distorto guitar. but it’s all good. exceptionally so.


OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 7TH DECEMBER, when songs will be posted here for streaming/ download (128 kbps). You can order your handicrafted CDr now (a personal CDr design for every buyer): (paypal transaction)

Red cherries, red world, red label





(shots by this guy)

Babe, Terror alive, on Fresh Cherries From Yakima by Douglas Martin (review — click on the little images):


On Clone Sound by David Abravanel (review):


Caetano Veloso talks about Babe, Terror, compares to “Araçá Azul” on interview; “A Capital Federal” on Pitchfork, new pics

Interviewed by Recife’s Jornal do Commercio (edition of August 9th), Caetano Veloso speaks about how he met Tv on The Radio and Animal Collective as well as how he gets into the music of now firstly, then, on the next lines, talks about Babe, Terror – or (lower case) babe, terror! English translation follows the pic, to see online version (in portuguese) click the pic.

caetano reduzido

Caetano Veloso: “It’s been more than a month since (*music researcher, anthropologist) Hermano Vianna sent me an article by Sasha Frere Jones in New Yorker praising a band from São Paulo called babe, terror (like this, in lower case, don’t letting us know if the words babe and terror are in portuguese or english: the guy himself – it’s an one-man band – delivered Sasha his own text explaining what “terror” means in portuguese, like if the word doesn’t set in the english idiom). Went on myspace for a check. Fascinating. I’ve read on Guardian his sound is alike to Tv on The Radio and Animal Collective. Looking the music by myself, It reminded me even “Araçá Azul” (*Veloso’s album from 1972), though I felt the guy himself didn’t think on that album. I’ve read later about he speaking of Mutantes, Clube da Esquina (*Minas Gerais movement lead by Milton Nascimento). I told you all these things (*including the way he met Animal Collective, in a rainy outdoor gig in NYC) to make you understand how randomly I reach new stuff and how they get organized in my mind. How those several stories appear unexpectedly. But I don’t sit anymore to listen records hours and hours long. Finishing, everything is influential on my own music. But I don’t feel me competent to be influenced by fine musicians.”

Random views from weekend, not the record:





“A Capital Federal”, Weekend track 6, on Pitchfork’s Forkcast (click the small pic to reach the page, listen/ read what they write about):


Babe, Terror Myspace.