Album Release: Buon Giorno Luamada

*cover by Bruno Dicolla –


01-Le sourire du venus contre la fureur du poseidon
02-New Wave
07-Wrrrong Summer
08-Mary Ann
09-Buenos Aires

Press (read about the music):

Friendship Bracelet

Cows Are Just Food

Don’t Die Wondering


Buon Giorno Luamada — — is Igor Andrade, a 21 years-old cinema student from Rio de Janeiro. Igor stayed a long time at home recording cassetes under the name of mini cassete recorder before connect material to create what he puts out now with Perdizes Dream. Buon Giorno Luamada, the project and the record, is available now online and on limited number of handicrafted CDRs.

Hear now Buon Giorno Luamada debut album (brazilian users can get the album at TramaVirtual too):

To order/ buy the handicrafted CDr, just send us an e-mail to putting “i want a CD” in the subject line. You need just a paypal account to make the transaction.


One response to “Album Release: Buon Giorno Luamada

  1. i love this guy!

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