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Blogs dig Buon Giorno Luamada. Download songs now!

Friendship Bracelet (click to read the full + download Cartographie)

Julian Lynch is appropriately found in Buon Giorno Luamada’s Top Myspace Friends, appropriate cos the first song there is “Cartographie,” a lazily swirling gem whose pace and overall production values very much so resemble the “Basement Jam” track Julian got me for the last FBC compilation. Pulsating n humming. Way perfect autumn clouds music.”

Cows Are Just Food (click to read the full + download YKCOWREBBAJ)

occasionally it bums you out for a few minutes with the found sound atonal hush lastbest heard on mogwai’s come on die young. and sometimes wanders into creaky david (rather then julian) lynch soundscape territory. and randomly batters a cheap distorto guitar. but it’s all good. exceptionally so.


OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 7TH DECEMBER, when songs will be posted here for streaming/ download (128 kbps). You can order your handicrafted CDr now (a personal CDr design for every buyer): (paypal transaction)



Claudio spent some time joining some venerated stuff.

imagem com luzes - cores invertidas



thinking plague – fountain of all tears – 0 – 4:45 (4:53)

savave – hoje eu só quero esquecer – 4:45 – 8:15

m.i.a – crifana y tamilstenes – 8:15 – 15:57

thinking plague reprise (fountain of all tears) – 15:57 – 16:34

a sunny day in glasgow – blood white – 16:22 – 20:41

m.i.a , babe, terror on m.i.a (miniremix) – cornonstipicum – 20:30 – 22:18 – 23:24

judee sill – a kiss/ the lamb ran away with the crown – 23:24 – 31:09

sleeping states – breathing space 30:50 – 35:05

imagem com luzes

Regular Halloween

Smiths t-shirt, circus guy and his balance skills + assistant, Babe, Terror.



festa 6