Take me to the backyard


Did you ever heard about Sekten? This is another danish band, I posted something from Denmark 2 weeks ago, It was KLoAK (check the link for a few mp3). I won’t attempt to pitch many words setting what they make what they do… It’s like bedroom psychedelic thing, folk and jazz instincts, their songwritting is strong and delicate…  Sekten is awesome. Not sure about that, but Stephan Sieben plays on the band, providing his typical luminous, classicist, sounds for those gorgeous nordic, backyard girls sing. Stephen is a kind of danish Gustav Estjes, he leads Big Bombastic Collective, maybe the best danish nowadays-hippie band. Debut album from Sekten, “Annars är det tyst”, was released in 2005. In late 2008, they released “Mäktiga Vingar”. Get some music:


Himlen Slukar Traden

Tank Pa Mig Igar



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