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Babe, Terror picks what he loves # 1

Enjoy my S2,




Take me to the backyard


Did you ever heard about Sekten? This is another danish band, I posted something from Denmark 2 weeks ago, It was KLoAK (check the link for a few mp3). I won’t attempt to pitch many words setting what they make what they do… It’s like bedroom psychedelic thing, folk and jazz instincts, their songwritting is strong and delicate…  Sekten is awesome. Not sure about that, but Stephan Sieben plays on the band, providing his typical luminous, classicist, sounds for those gorgeous nordic, backyard girls sing. Stephen is a kind of danish Gustav Estjes, he leads Big Bombastic Collective, maybe the best danish nowadays-hippie band. Debut album from Sekten, “Annars är det tyst”, was released in 2005. In late 2008, they released “Mäktiga Vingar”. Get some music:


Himlen Slukar Traden

Tank Pa Mig Igar


Red cherries, red world, red label





(shots by this guy)

Babe, Terror alive, on Fresh Cherries From Yakima by Douglas Martin (review — click on the little images):


On Clone Sound by David Abravanel (review):


Caetano Veloso talks about Babe, Terror, compares to “Araçá Azul” on interview; “A Capital Federal” on Pitchfork, new pics

Interviewed by Recife’s Jornal do Commercio (edition of August 9th), Caetano Veloso speaks about how he met Tv on The Radio and Animal Collective as well as how he gets into the music of now firstly, then, on the next lines, talks about Babe, Terror – or (lower case) babe, terror! English translation follows the pic, to see online version (in portuguese) click the pic.

caetano reduzido

Caetano Veloso: “It’s been more than a month since (*music researcher, anthropologist) Hermano Vianna sent me an article by Sasha Frere Jones in New Yorker praising a band from São Paulo called babe, terror (like this, in lower case, don’t letting us know if the words babe and terror are in portuguese or english: the guy himself – it’s an one-man band – delivered Sasha his own text explaining what “terror” means in portuguese, like if the word doesn’t set in the english idiom). Went on myspace for a check. Fascinating. I’ve read on Guardian his sound is alike to Tv on The Radio and Animal Collective. Looking the music by myself, It reminded me even “Araçá Azul” (*Veloso’s album from 1972), though I felt the guy himself didn’t think on that album. I’ve read later about he speaking of Mutantes, Clube da Esquina (*Minas Gerais movement lead by Milton Nascimento). I told you all these things (*including the way he met Animal Collective, in a rainy outdoor gig in NYC) to make you understand how randomly I reach new stuff and how they get organized in my mind. How those several stories appear unexpectedly. But I don’t sit anymore to listen records hours and hours long. Finishing, everything is influential on my own music. But I don’t feel me competent to be influenced by fine musicians.”

Random views from weekend, not the record:





“A Capital Federal”, Weekend track 6, on Pitchfork’s Forkcast (click the small pic to reach the page, listen/ read what they write about):


Babe, Terror Myspace.

Brutal kids pregnant


First memory of Denmark is Michael Laudrup (younger brother Brian), the 86′ World Cup player and magician (they scored 6! together on Uruguay); the most recent is KLoAK. In the middle, there is Big Bombastic Collective. 2006, they’ve made a true modern pop highlight, one of my personal top 5 records of 2006. One day I share something from them. KLoAK has put out an amazing, brutal and trippy album in that same year, the lovely called “A Boy Getting Pregnant“. I believe It’s a shame I’m coming across it only now, 3 years later. Like me, they love supermarket walking. You can download two songs and together with me start hoping they launch new stuff soon.

Heartbreak Ramadong



Cold, shaking sat.