The Necessary Gems # 1


With The Necessary Gems Perdizes Dream intends to celebrate and offer a path to the obscure and fundamental brazilian discography that we love. Our first upload is this spetacular debut album of Sá, Rodrix & Guarabyra, “Passado, Presente e Futuro” (“Past, Present and Future”). Some people say that those three amazing composers invented an own genre, “rural rock” (they wrote together a huge local hit by the name of “Casa no Campo”, which you can understand as “A House on the Country”, months after this record).

It could be seen as a fine and simple cross between the american and the english psychedelic vibrations of that time (early 70’s): but gracefully connected to the brazilian farm and folk typical subjects and other styles like tango — which made all the difference. Get this album and smile. Here (good quality MP3).

(Or feel the thing’s taste listening to these two samples, here and here).



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